About me

Hello! My name is Callie Malone and this year I am taking AP Biology. Follow me through my senior year as I take on this rigorous course and stay up to date on my blog posts.

Besides biology, I have many different passions in life:

  • I love playing water polo. Ever since I was five years, I have played for a club team. I could never imagine my life without this sport.
  • Along with being involved in sports, I am also involved with school leadership. This year, I am the president of the Ambassador Board and a member of Student Council. In holding these positions, I am able to give back to my school community.
  • My favorite place to be is sitting on the beach. You can find me on the weekends playing my ukulele with the sea breeze in my hair. My love for the ocean and the beach is partly due to why I am taking AP Biology this year.

I am excited to learn along with you on the crazy and thrilling journey that is AP Biology!

To any who are thinking about taking AP Biology at my school, here is a video reflecting back on my experience with the class as well as some tips and tricks! Check it out!

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